40 + 7

Logistics & Application

A few things you might be thinking about as you prayerfully consider this opportunity:
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Where will I sleep? What will I eat?

You’ll sleep outside. You will be camping using methods such as tent, tarp and hammock in a variety of conditions. There’s no telling what you’ll eat. No kidding, meal planning is one of the group challenges. You will work as a team rotating duties. Meals will be cooked wilderness kitchen style to reinforce this important leadership skill. If you have food allergies or special dietary needs, we will accommodate you.

Will I have time off? Can I have visitors? What if I’m married?

A Day of Rest.

You will have one full day of rest each week. This can be, for you, a time of solitude and retreat or a relaxed time of community with your team. On this day, your team will avoid stressful and physically demanding activities in exchange for activities that bring relaxation and refreshment, or maybe no activities at all. This will be a great time for journaling, reading, play, and making judicious use of hammocks. In the New Covenant every day is Holy. Our reverence and passion for God will continue on in full measure on this day as on every other.

Daily Solitude.

A time to connect with God in an outdoor setting; typically one hour.

Two by Two.

If you’re in town for evangelism or errands you will go two by two. This is a powerful and proven strategy that was used by our Lord.

Planned Time Off.

We will do our best to accommodate requests for time off, with advance notice or family emergencies. We can’t promise time off unless it is scheduled before the summer begins or is truly a family emergency. Remember, this experience is designed as an “immersion” experience and you will get the most from it by completely focusing your energy here.

Visitors and Family Day.

Invite family and close friends to come and experience what you’ve been living. It will be a full day of fun during the 7 Weeks phase.

Dating and Serious Relationships.

The Leadership Intensive is a serious call to future high caliber leaders. In light of this, there will be no casual dating during 40 Days and 7 Weeks, including no dating among interns.


We do welcome married couples. We feel that this training will help strengthen the marriage, and prepare the couple to minister as a team. We have noticed that married couples who minister together tend to have a very strong impact when ministering to youth and families.

What will I learn? What will I gain?

Expedition Experience

40 Days.

You will have a minimum of 16 days on coastal expedition. This may be segmented based on weather and group dynamics.

7 Weeks.

You will co-lead one or two 12-14 day coastal expedition(s) for 14-15 and/or 16-17 year olds.

Credentials and Experience Earned

One of the benefits of 40 Days and 7 Weeks is the ability to gain credentials such as assessments and certifications. These will be valuable for obtaining a non bias endorsement of your skills as an outdoor leader which will help as you chart your course and also seek employment. The following are available:

  • ACA - Coastal Kayak Day Trip Leader Assessment
  • ACA - Coastal Kayak Camping Assessment
  • ACA - Skill Level Assessment
  • ACA – Coastal Kayak Instructor – Level II
  • OneLife - Biblical Community Leader Assessment
  • OneLife - Physical Training Assessment
  • OneLife - Spiritual Training Assessment
  • OneLife - Leadership Training Assessment
  • OneLife - Tree Climbing Skills Assessment
  • OneLife - Wilderness Cooking Certification
  • OneLife - Tree Climbing Ground Manager Cert.
  • OneLife – OneLife Slackline Facilitator
  • OneLife - Sustainable Project Management Cert.
  • OneLife - Coastal Creation Naturalist Cert.
  • OneLife - Wilderness Guide Certification - Level I/II

Crafting a Personal Media Plan

You will leave with a Personal Media Plan. During your leadership intensive you will address issues such as: preventing media addiction, assessing your own unique approach to media, and how to leverage media for Godly purposes. You will also craft a personal media plan during this time. It is strategic to address these issues objectively and prayerfully during an extended media fast. During 40 Days you will engage in a complete media fast. During 7 Weeks you will do a partial media fast, having limited access to email and select phone calls on rest days.

Who will be leading 40 Days and 7 Weeks?

Brent Bishop is the director of 40 Days and 7 Weeks, and will oversee a qualified staff of field instructors and other specialty leaders/teachers... who will lead, guide, and support the experience.

Brent has worked with youth and young adults, leading camps and expeditions in outdoor settings for over 15 years. He is a Level 3 Coastal Kayak Instructor and Tree Climbing Instructor. His previous experience in architecture and sustainable design has proven valuable in planning, prevention, and risk management. His greatest asset is a daily relationship with Jesus.

All primary leaders are certified through leading outdoor skills training organizations such as the ACA and also have Wilderness Medical Training.

40+7 Application

Who Should Apply?

This leadership position is open to anyone age 20 or above who is a good fit for the team. We are asking God to lead those He wants to be here, so if you think that might be you, please apply. We have 3 male and 3 female positions for the 2015 team.

Tuition for 40+7 includes food, lodging and equipment.

If you feel led to participate in this training and are restricted financially, please contact us for a scholarship application. We will work together with you to ensure that cost is never a barrier.

The Qualities We’re Looking For.

Love for God.

The most important attribute is a desire for an experiential faith walk with God through Christ. We’re not necessarily talking about just being in church every week, but a desire to be always walking in the Spirit, saying only what the Father tells you to say and doing only what the Father tells you to do.

Love for people.

Any leadership role is about the people you lead. You will be leading youth from ages 8-17, and a love for young people is especially important. This is probably not the best fit if you find yourself thinking only of the personal goals you’ll accomplish, although you will set and achieve goals.

Love for the Outdoors.

You will be spending most of your time outside surrounded by God’s magnificent, yet unyielding creation. It’s important that you have a love for the outdoors or at a minimum, a desire to develop that love. It’s not necessary to be involved in the outdoor industry to participate; this training will be extremely valuable to any leadership setting.

Love for Physical Activity.

This opportunity will require you to push physically 6 days a week. This includes a regiment of focused physical training and also extends to the way we approach almost everything we do. You don’t have to be in peak athletic condition, but you must be willing to push hard and challenge your own physical limits on a regular basis and usually daily.

Love for Life.

You see the cup half full. You’ll try anything as long as God is leading.

Team Player.

If you are chosen for this position, you will be a member of a team of leaders. For the leadership team to function at its highest level, individuals may often choose to sacrifice personal desires.

The Desire of Your Heart.

We realize we’re asking for a lot, especially spiritually. But please understand, none of us have arrived. It is the desire that we’re looking for. We’re looking for leaders who want to give all to Jesus, and who are willing to struggle to see that happen.

A Sense of Call.

You’ve prayed about this, more than once. You’ve sought council. You have that peace that transcends understanding. You’ve set the desires of your flesh aside and to the best of your ability to discern, God is leading you to be a part of this team.


Leave No Trace.

We expect you to be familiar with leave no trace philosophy and practices. You should easily be able to name the seven principles and highlight a key example for each principle. More importantly, we are looking for the type of people that believe in the Leave No Trace ethic, not as a set of rules, but as a way of approaching our diminishing wilderness. See LNT.org.

Wilderness Medicine.

We require at a minimum that you be certified in Wilderness First Aid (WFA) with CPR being current. We recommend as an outdoor leader that you pursue Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification.

Please contact us if you need help acquiring either of these certifications.

Physical Condition.

You should be able to push to your personal limits physically with no major repercussions. We ask that you consult with your family physician to get their endorsement for your participation in this training. In lieu of a physician’s endorsement, you will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging that we have recommended this course of action to you; and that you have chosen not to do so. Specific exceptions will be made for medical conditions on a case by case basis.

Spiritual Condition.

This is a leadership position in a Christian ministry. You should have a solid testimony of a new birth and the fruit of the Spirit expressed as a normal everyday part of your life. We also ask that you agree with and sign a Statement of Faith.

Water Confidence.

You will often be leading on the water, and will need to have good swimming ability and confidence around water. You will be asked to give evidence of this during the application process.

*If you are feeling led to participate in 40 Days and 7 Weeks but struggling with an area above please contact us and let us help you find a solution. It is our desire to find a way to serve you.

What will I need to bring?

You will have, personal space to store the belongings you’ll need while you’re here. Here’s most of what you’ll need:

  • A Bible
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Headlamp
  • Water Bottle
  • Sleep System
  • Waterproof Wrist Watch
  • Musical Instrument (Optional)

We’ll send a detailed packing list when accepted to the program or on request.


Step One.

Please answer the following questions:

Q. How did you develop a love for the outdoors?

Q. What’s the most exciting thing God is doing in your life?

Q. Could you share the testimony of your faith in Jesus? What was life like before? How did this change impact those around you? How does it impact you now?

Q. Why are you interested in the 40 Days and 7 Weeks? When you think about it, what thoughts or images come to mind? What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Q. What makes you most excited about ministering to youth?

Q. What are your top 3 questions for us?

Email answers to fun@onelife.org. Please include in your email: full name, age, and contact info (including mailing address).

Step Two.

After we review your essays we will send you the administrative part of the application (medical history, references, etc.). At this time we will also schedule your phone interview.

Step Three.

In most cases we would like to meet with you. This will be on a case by case basis.

Important Dates

  • Arrival Date --------- May 15
  • Family Day --------- June 20
  • Departure Date --------- Aug 15